Case Study: COM DEV Flourishes in Ontario's Environment of Innovation

Follow the link below to read a case study, by the Government of Ontario, regarding COM DEV International's success within Southern Ontario's Technology Triangle and the company's growth in this "epicentre of innovation" and beyond.

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Our Employees Share Culture at Diversity Potluck Luncheon

Employees in Cambridge were recently invited to prepare and share dishes that reflect our amazing cultural diversity at COM DEV International. Through cuisine, crafts, and traditional costumes, cultural hosts shared experiences of their origins from across the world.

This annual event is made possible by COM DEV's Diversity Committee, a team that also organizes Citizenship Ceremonies and addresses and responds to employee questions related to diversity. 

Read full article and see event photos here

Turksat 4B Brings Better, Faster Connectivity to Region

On October 16, 2015, International Launch Services sent the Tursat 4B into orbit. This communications satellite contains COM DEV International switches, muxes and microwave components, made for our customer, Mitsubishi Electric.

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Apstar-9 Expands Service and Customer Base for APT

Apstar-9, a communications satellite owned by APT Satellite Holdings of Hong Kong, is based on the DFH-4 platform which represents a breakthrough of delivering satellites to a leading international satellite operator by China space industry. Our customer, XISRT, purchased switches and microwave components from COM DEV International for this mission.

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PEOPLE OF COM DEV: Chief Scientist, Dr. Ming Yu

PEOPLE OF COM DEV will periodically feature one of our COM DEV International team members in ways you may not know them - everyone has a story about what drives them and how they see their role at work and in life. In this series we will look at individuals from all over our organization, in many different roles, to explore how our people have shaped our innovation and success, often with surprising twists and turns along the way.

Our inaugural article features Chief Scientist, Dr. Ming Yu, from our Sheldon Drive facility in Cambridge. Many of you may know of Ming’s impressive technical innovations but did you know that he dreamed of being a great poet when he was young? Or that he learned to hone his English language skills with the motivation to understand and compete with his co-workers’ penchant for bad jokes? You will also see that his perseverance to excel on the job carries over to the methodology he uses to improve his golf game (although he is admittedly, by far a better scientist than golfer).

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