The number of applications for space technology has grown exponentially since the launch of the first satellite more than 50 years ago. Governments and commercial enterprises increasingly find that space-based solutions are the most efficient way – and often the only way – to meet certain objectives.

The space hardware market can be broadly divided into three major segments: commercial, civil and military. Each serves an important societal need for information, entertainment, observation, discovery or security.


Commercial communication satellites

Used by broadcasters and telecommunications companies to provide information and entertainment services.

Applications include television signal distribution, private data networks, mobile telephony, broadband internet, satellite radio and earth observation. COM DEV is the world’s most prolific supplier of equipment for communications satellites. We supply to every major satellite manufacturer, providing custom-designed solutions such as microwave multiplexers and switches, payload electronics and Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology. Over 80 per cent of all commercial communications satellites ever launched have had COM DEV technology on board. Our list of customers in this market includes Boeing, EADS Astrium, Lockheed Martin, Orbital Sciences, Space Systems/Loral, MDA and Thales Alenia Space.


Civil space missions

Launched by public sector agencies and aim to push the boundaries of human understanding.

Typical civil space applications include scientific observation, space exploration, navigation, search and rescue, weather forecasting and environmental monitoring. Civil space missions tend to be unique, and involve years of preparation and engineering development culminating in a space instrument or a satellite which will deliver important data for years to come. COM DEV is able to solve the complex challenges inherent in such missions by applying the custom engineering expertise we have developed over three decades in the space industry. Typical end users in this market are the national space agencies such as NASA, the Canadian Space Agency and the European Space Agency.


Military Space

Our technological capabilities, particularly sensors, electronics and instruments, are not only applicable to the civil market, but also have commercial and military uses. Military satellites are used to support national security objectives by providing secure communications, surveillance, treaty verification, emergency/backup networks and border monitoring. In addition, peacekeeping support operations, arms control verification and integrated defence systems leverage military satellite technology.

COM DEV International Ltd. is a global designer and manufacturer of space hardware. We are world leaders in the production of space-qualified passive microwave equipment, specialized electronics and optical subsystems. We have more than 1,200 employees at facilities in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. More about COM DEV